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Here is the examples of our services.
If you have any inquiry which is not in this list, please sent the message from inquiry menu.
We are afraid that we charge extra fee if the interpretation or translation service  is required.

Establishment of Company/Application for Permission and License From Government

You can count on us about a series of procedures upon starting business, such as consulting what kind of operation types is suitable, preparing necessary documents, obtaining a certification for articles of incorporation, and registering establishment of a company which is supported by a partner judicial scrivener.

If your business needs a permission/license for operation in Japan, we will also support applications for such permission/license from the government. For preparation of articles of incorporation, as we use electronic articles of incorporation, you can save the revenue stamp fee by 40,000 yen, compared to that for preparing articles of incorporation on paper on your own.


Application for Subsidies/Business Plan/Contract

We introduce raising of fund such as subsidiaries or the government loan-guarantee

system that can be used even by persons who have just started their business, and support to prepare necessary documents such as a business plan for application.

The administrative procedures legal specialist of the office prepare a business plan to appeal excellence of customer's business, utilizing my experiences a about application of subsidiaries for small- and medium-sized companies. Additionally, we also prepare various contract documents.


Support for International Employment

In April 2019, as the system on status of residence is significantly changed, and business owners have no choice but to consider international employment more than ever.
In addition to solve anxieties for knowledge about the new system, the administrative procedures legal specialist with experiences about international employment and employee educations will propose better ways including international recruitment, acquisition of status of residence, and retention of employees, cooperating with social insurance specialists.

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