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Here is the examples of our services.
If you have any inquiry which is not in this list, please sent the message from inquiry menu.
We are afraid that we charge extra fee if the interpretation or translation service  is required.

Procedures for Acquisition of Status of Residence

We support procedures on acquisition of status of residence for international customers who would like to have their families come to Japan, obtain the status of residence as a “Business Owner” in Japan, or acquire the status of residence as "Permanent Resident," in order to move the base of their lives to Japan.
The representative of this office has her own experience of international marriage and changing the status of residence for her marital partner, so we can support from various points of view.


Support of Incorporation/Business Development in Japan for International Customers

Due to act amendments, requirements for establishment of company are eased and even for international customers who don't live in Japan, opportunities for establishment of company are widely opened.

This office mainly utilizes the Chinese network and supports for incorporation in Japan according to needs of international customers.
In addition to necessary permissions/licenses for business development in Japan,
We comprehensively supports international customers, utilizing our network with various specialists including lawyers, patent attorneys, judicial scriveners, licensed tax accountants, licensed social insurance consultants, and professional experts for the real estate and insurance.

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