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About Root G Office

The office name, "Root" has a meaning as "Root for = Support", in addition to a root of a plant or a source.

I named my office with my will such that I would like to root for customers to have a stable life and work at a place or a position which is desired by customers and develop such life and work.

I will also make efforts day by day, aiming to become an administrative procedures legal specialist who is endeared by everyone. I'm looking forward to your inquiries and requests.

Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist

Akiko Sakamoto

Introduction of Office Representative

■ Background

Born in Hiroshima in 1971.

Graduated Department of Law, Meijigakuin University in 1994

Worked at US semiconductor manufacturing company for 10 years

Appointed as a director of Chinese tea wholesale/retail company for 16 years (present)

Opened administrative procedures support office “Root G Office” in July, 2018.

■ What I made start and attracted to this business

By the influence of courtroom dramas and documentaries, I aspired to be a lawyer at the time of the entry of University, but my thought changed and did not enter the legal profession.
I worked for a Japan office of the US semiconductor company. 
That was the opportunity to meet my husband.

I have worked at the semiconductor company and at the same time worked for my husband’s company.


When my husband's company become stable, I would like to have started the study of law again and started studying for the national bar examination.


However, during the study for the bar exam, I had an opportunity to hear about practical operations from an administrative scrivener and knew that I would be able to provide "life supports for foreign nationals in Japan" or "fine-tuned supports for incorporation or company management" through the work as an administrative scrivener.

I thought I would rather do this kind of work, and then started studying to become an administrative scrivener.
Now I feel my work is exactly the same as my expectations.


The impression of the profession of administrative scrivener is a little sober, but this profession can positively

and directly support one’s future lives and the development of the company.

The visible completion of the job is “completion of administrative procedures”, but the most important role of this profession is to provide valuable information, organize the process and propose the best way for the customer.
I always think of customer's future
 activities to be better and wish customer to love the life in Japan.

The most fun part of this business is that we can get excited about the future together with the customers.

That’s what I have been attracted to this business.

Office Information

Root  G Office  Administrative Procedures Support

Japan Federation of Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialists Association

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