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Advantages of This Office

Management experience in small- and medium-sized companies

The representative of this office is also a director in one of small- and medium-sized companies and have involved in import of products or sales over the Internet.

As internal business operations, there are also experiences for employment procedure, financing, preparation of contract documents, and applications for subsidiaries/grants.


Especially for business owners who have just started their business, we can propose from various points of view.

We provide courteous supports for international customers.

The representative of this office has her own experience of international marriage. Utilizing her actual experience, We will provide courteous proposals about international marriage, the status of residence, or nationality according to customers' situations, and consider solutions together.


We also support the families who have just started their lives in Japan and not good at speaking Japanese. We are supporting various procedures needed in Japan as much as possible so that they can reduce anxieties for living in Japan.

We serve as a bridge between Japanese and Chinese companies

We have strong association with business owners who are from China and the areas influenced by Chinese cultures. They are all specialist for various categories. We are sure they will help your business success in Japan.

If you would like to develop the network with Chinese business owners, please contact to us.

You can enjoy a good Chinese tea

We serve customers seasonal Chinese tea.

This is just s representative’s hobby. (^^;
We are happy if the customers could enjoy tea time with us.

Our Network

We will support customers by utilizing our specialist network.
As well as typical document preparation as a certified administrative procedures legal specialist,
if you need any help for your business (need to rent an office space, need to register a trademark, how to provide supports for employees, etc.),
please feel free to consult here.

Our Office